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Rufinus Tyrannius

345-410. Presbyter and scholar. Born near Aquileia in N Italy, he was at school in Rome when he began a long association with Jerome.* He went to Egypt, suffered in the persecution which followed the death of Athanasius (373), settled in Alexandria for eight years, studied Scripture and Origen under Didymus the Blind* and Gregory of Nazianzus,* and visited the Desert Fathers. In 381 he founded a monastery in Jerusalem. His many translations of Greek theological works into Latin aided Western asceticism and theology. The works included Basil's Rule for the monks at Pinetum, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Eusebius with additions, as well as his own commentary on the Apostles' Creed with the earliest Latin text of its fourth- century form. His rendering of Origen's De Principiis, simultaneously vindicating its orthodoxy, led to damaging strife with Jerome.