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Richard of Chichester

1197-1253. Bishop of Chichester. Born at Droitwich, he studied at Oxford and Paris before becoming chancellor of Oxford University in 1235. But soon afterward he was called away to be chancellor to Edmund (of Abingdon) at Canterbury. When Edmund went into exile, Richard accompanied him, remaining with him until his death in 1242. After being ordained priest in France, Richard returned to England, where he was elected bishop of Chichester against the wishes of Henry III. He was a good diocesan administrator as well as a reforming cleric, with no sympathy for simony and other abuses. He died in the Maison Dieu at Dover, the day after consecrating a new church in honor of Edmund. He was canonized by Urban IV in 1262, and his shrine was in Chichester Cathedral until destroyed in 1538 during the reign of Henry VIII.