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RAMPART (Heb. חֵיל, H2658, shortened form חֵ֥ל, meaning “that which surrounds,” “what is roundabout.” It is used particularly in the sense of a protector or guardian (Ps 48:13). More frequently it refers to any type of physical barrier protecting a city, as the sea in the case of Thebes (Nah 3:8, et al.). It is used also of a moat referring to both the walls and the water-filled ditch (2 Sam 20:15), where the reference is to Beth-Maacah and 1 Kings 21:23 referring to Jezreel. The northern side of ancient Jerusalem above the valley of Hinnon was protected by such a wall (Lam 2:8, et al.). Most of these walls, as at Jericho, were built up of tamped earth and in later periods faced with stone blocks. Confusion exists among the various VSS which supply a series of different terms for the Sem. concept.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(La 2:8; Na 3:8).

See Fortification.