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Philipp Konrad Marheineke

1780-1846. German Protestant theologian and historian. He studied at Göttingen and taught there and at Erlangen and Heidelberg. In 1811 he became professor at the University of Berlin and from 1820 preached in the influential Dreifaltigkeitskirche as an associate of Schleiermacher.* He was an ardent admirer of Hegel's philosophy, and he attempted to use the Hegelian dialectic to support and interpret Christianity. His major work lay in the history of doctrine and in the study of symbolics. Among many published lectures and other writings, his most important works are Christliche Symbolik (3 vols., 1810-14), Geschichte der deutschen Reformation (2 vols., 1817), and Vorlesungen über die Bedeutung der hegelschen Philosophie in der christlichen Theologie (1842). A warm admirer of Luther, he espoused a liberal Pietism in his later years, claiming that because a thing was true it was in the Bible, not that because a thing was in the Bible it was true.