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Peter Chrysologus

d. 449/450. Archbishop of Ravenna. Renowned preacher and conscientious administrator, he sought to eradicate pagan customs, to regulate the Lenten fast, and to correct delay of baptism by catechumens. When Eutyches was deposed by Flavian (448) and asked for support, Chrysologus replied sympathetically but referred him to Leo, writing, “We cannot listen to matters of faith without the consent of the Bishop of Rome.” Apart from his extant sermons, no evidence of him survives until the ninth-century Liber Pontificalis of Agnellus. According to this legendary account, he was born at Imola and consecrated archbishop by Sixtus III (432-40). Recent examination of his works by Alejandro Olivar endorses the authenticity of all but eight of the 176 sermons traditionally attributed to him by Felix of Ravenna. Olivar adds fifteen sermons from other sources.