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PEDAHEL (pĕd'a-hĕl, Heb. pedhah’ēl, God delivers). A prince of Naphtali appointed by Moses to apportion Palestine (Num.34.28).

PEDAHEL pĕd’ ə hĕl (פְּדַהְאֵ֖ל, God has delivered). One of the men appointed to work with Eleazar and Joshua in the distribution of W Jordan among the ten tribes settling in that area (Num 34:28). He was a Naphtalite, son of Ammihud.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ped’-a-hel, pe-da’-el (pedhah’-el, "whom God redeems"): A prince of Naphtali; one of the tribal chiefs who apportioned the land of Canaan (Nu 34:28; compare Nu 34:17).