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PANNAG păn’ ăg (פַנַּ֨ג). The KJV mistranslates פַנַּ֨ג as a place name, “in thy market wheat of...Pannag” (Ezek 27:17).

Pannag is possibly a type of sorghum, called “dhura” in Pal.—a maize-like grass.

The Syr. tr. records it as millet (Panicum miliaceum). In the margin of the ASV it is called “a kind of confection.” The meaning must remain one of the mysteries of the Bible.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the articles of commerce of Judah and Israel. The kasia of the Septuagint is said to be a shrub similar to the laurel. Nothing is known of the nature of pannag. Cheyne (EB, 3555) thinks the Heb letters have got misplaced and should be gephen, "vine," and he would join to it the debhash, "honey," which follows in the verse, giving a translation "grape honey," the ordinary dibbs of Palestine--an extremely likely article of commerce.

See Honey.

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