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Netophah, Netophathites

NETOPHAH, NETOPHATHITES (nē-tō'fa, nē-tŏ'fa-thīts). A village of Judah and its inhabitants. It lies about three miles (five km.) south of Jerusalem and three and a half miles (almost six km.) south of Bethlehem. The “villages of the Netophathites” (1Chr.9.16; Neh.12.28) were apparently given to, or inhabited by, Levites, although Netophah is not mentioned in the earlier books. Several of David’s men are named as from this place (2Sam.23.28-2Sam.23.29; 1Chr.2.54). Seraiah, the son of Tanhumeth the Netophathite, is mentioned (2Kgs.25.23) among the murderers of Gedaliah, the governor.