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NEIEL (nē-ī'ĕl). A boundary town between Zebulun and Asher (Josh.19.27), may be the same as Neah (Josh.19.13).

NEIEL nē ī’ əl (נְעִיאֵ֑ל). A border town in Asher near Zebulun (Josh 19:27). It may be modern Khirbet Ya’nin, on the E border of the Plain of Acco.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ne`i’-el (ne`i’el; Codex Vaticanus Inael; Codex Alexandrinus Aniel): A town on the boundary between Zebulun and Asher mentioned between Jiftah-el and Cabul (Jos 19:27). It may be the same as Neah (Jos 19:13), but the place is not identified.