NAHALIEL (na-hā'lĭ-ĕl, na-hăl'ĭ-ĕl). A valley between Mattanah and Bamoth where the Israelites camped on their way from the Arnon to Jericho (Num.21.19). Perhaps Wadi Zerqâ Mā‘in, which flows into the Dead Sea midway along its eastern side.

NAHALIEL nə hā’ lĭ əl (נַחֲלִיאֵ֑ל, torrent valley of God). A stopping place of the Israelites in the journey from the Arnon to Jericho (Num 21:19). The site is unknown. If a torrent valley is referred to, it might be one of the tributaries of the Arnon.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

na-ha’-li-el, na-hal’-i-el (nachali’el, "torrent valley of God"; Codex Vaticanus Manael; Codex Alexandrinus Naaliel): A place where Israel encamped on the way from Arnon to Jericho, named with Mattanah and Bamoth (Nu 21:19). Eusebius, Onomasticon places it near to the Arnon. It is natural to seek for this "torrent valley" in one of the tributaries of the Arnon. It may be Wady Waleh, which drains a wide area to the Northeast of the Arnon; or perhaps Wady Zerqa Ma`in farther to the North.