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Mt. of Congregation

CONGREGATION, MT. OF, Heb. הַר־מוֹעֵ֖ד, RSV, “Mount of Assembly,” mentioned only in Isaiah 14:13 and widely thought to be a mythological reference to the “assemblies of the gods” mentioned in Akkadian and Ugaritic texts. A similar conception is thought to be found in the use of the phrase, “in the far (sides of) north” (Isa 14:13), which is compared to Psalm 82; Ezekiel 28 and other such passages. Although some such subliminal mythology in the use of literary references is found in the OT, the relation of this location to the myth of Shahar or any other such literary work of pagan origin is not demonstrable. The term does seem to be a literary reference and not identified with any known place name.