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MINIAMIN (mĭn'ya-mĭn, from the right hand)

A Levite in Hezekiah’s time (2Chr.31.15).Head of a family of priests in Nehemiah’s time (Neh.12.17).A priest in the time of Nehemiah (Neh.12.41).

MINIAMIN, mĭn’ yə mĭn (מִנְיָמִן, מִ֨נְיָמִ֔ין, LXX βενιαμειν, meaning on the right hand side, hence a favored or fortunate one). A priestly personal name.

Compare this with its variant Mijamin. The two names are the same although one assimilates the letter n (nun in Heb.). The variant may have been a way to distinguish between different persons. In the days of Hezekiah a faithful priest named Miniamin assisted in the distribution of tithes and contributions (2 Chron 31:15). A Miniamin is listed with the heads of priestly households (fathers’ houses, Neh 12:17) and in v. 41 one with this name blew the trumpet while Nehemiah gave thanks.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

min’-ya-min, mi-ni’-a-min (minydmin):

(1) A Levite who assisted Kore, the son of Imnah, in the distribution of the freewill offerings (2Ch 31:15).

(2) A priestly family of the time of the high priest Joiakim (Ne 12:17), probably equals MIJAMIN (2).

(3) A priestly participant in the ceremony of the dedication of the wall (Ne 12:41).