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MERATHAIM (mĕr-a-thā'ĭm, repeated rebellion). A symbolic name for Babylon, used by Jeremiah (Jer.50.21) in his “doom of Babylon” in Jer.50.1-Jer.50.46-Jer.51.1-Jer.51.64.

MERATHAIM mĕr’ ə thā’ əm (מְרָתַ֨יִם). A symbolic name for Babylon in Jeremiah 50:21. Here it is used as a play on words, RSV meaning “double rebellion.” The name Marratim, a region in S Babylonia, may have suggested this use.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A name used for Babylon in Jer 50:21. According to Delitzsch it may be equivalent to the Babylonian Marratun, i.e. land by the nar Marratu, "the bitter river" (Persian Gulf) = Southern Babylonia (OHL, under the word).