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MEKERATHITE (mē-kē'răth-īt, Heb. mekhērāthî, dweller in Mekarah). A description of Hepher, one of David’s mighty men (1Chr.11.36). Perhaps the name should read Maacathite (2Sam.23.34).

MECHERATHITE mĭ kĕr’ ə thīt (מְּכֵ֣רָתִ֔י). The title given to Hepher, one of David’s heroes (1 Chron 11:36). This may be a misreading for “Maacathite” (2 Sam 23:34 ASV).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Possibly this is a misreading of "Maachathite" (the King James Version). It is the description of Hepher, one of David’s valiant men (1Ch 11:36).

In the Wallel list of 2Sa 23, especially 23:34, the "Maachathite" is mentioned without name in the place in the list given to Hepher in 1Ch 11:36. The variations do not destroy the conviction that the list is virtually the same.