MEHUJAEL (mē-hū'jā-ĕl, Heb. mehûyā’ēl). A descendant of Cain through Enoch and Irad. He was the father of Methushael (Gen.4.18).

MEHUJAEL mĭ hū’ jĭ əl (מְחֽוּיָאֵ֑ל, מְחִיּיָאֵ֗ל, smitten of God). Son of Irad, and father of Methushael, of the line of Cain (Gen 4:18 KJV, ASV); undoubtedly the same as Mahalalel in Genesis 5:12-17 ASV, RSV; MAHALALEEL KJV.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A descendant of Cain through Enoch and Irad (Ge 4:18). The list in Ge 5:12 ff is a working-over of the same material of genealogy by another hand at a different date of spelling (compare spelling of Chaucer and that of today). In that ease, Mehalalel would be the correspondent name to Mehujael (see Expository Times, X, 353).