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c.380-c.468. Bishop of Turin. Little is known about his life, though 116 of his sermons and 118 homilies have been preserved and show him to have been influenced by Ambrose,* with whose works many of Maximus's sermons are included. There are also six tractates on baptism ascribed to Maximus, though three are fragmentary and his authorship is doubtful. The only certain dates in his life include his attendance at the Synod of Milan in 451, where he subscribed to the Tome of Leo,* and that of Rome in 465, where his signature stands immediately after that of Hilarius on the decision regulating nonappointment by bishops of their successors. Maximus was probably born near Tridentum (Trento) in the Raetian Alps. Several of his homilies include significant data: the creed of Turin, which is daughter to the Apostles' Creed; the destruction of Milan by Attila. Others are valuable for the religious life of the populace of his area, still greatly influenced by older agrarian fertility rites. While trying to comfort his people in the face of the raiding Huns (though his exhortation comparing David and Goliath failed to save Turin), he also rebuked their readiness to profit from plunder or slaves as the Huns withdrew.