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MALLOWS (מַלּ֣וּחַ). Mentioned only in Job 30:4, “they pick mallow...bushes.” Is also called “salt plant” or “salt wort.”

This is thought to be Atriplex halimus—a loose-spreading, half evergreen shrub, growing to a height of 8 or 9 ft., with light greenishgray leaves. It belongs to the Chenopodiaceae family, and rarely produces flowers. It invariably grows near the sea. The leaves are edible, and were eaten by the poorer Israelites as a kind of salad.

It is sometimes given the name of Spanish Sea Purslane, or just Sea Purslane, and is found in S Pal. Because there is “saltiness” seen in the Heb. word מַלּ֣וּחַ, the writer feels that the plant must be Atriplex halimus, because this loves to grow in salty regions.

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