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MALLOTHI (măl'ō-thī, Heb. mallôthî, I have uttered). One of the sons of Heman, who with their father praised God with musical instruments. To him fell the nineteenth lot (1Chr.25.4, 1Chr.25.26).

MALLOTHI măl’ ə thī (מַלֹּ֔ותִי). One of the seventeen children of Heman, a Kohathite singer (1 Chron 6:33; 25:4, 5). He was chief of the nineteenth course of singers in the Temple choir (1 Chron 25:26).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

mal’-o-thi, ma-lo’-thi (mallothi, "my discourse"): Son of Heman, a Kohathite singer (1Ch 6:33; 25:4). The song service in the house of the Lord was apportioned by David and the captains of the host to the 3 families of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun (1Ch 25:1). Their place in the "courses" was, however, settled by "lot" (1Ch 25:8,9). Mallothi was one of Heman’s 17 children--14 sons and 3 daughters (1Ch 25:5)--and was chief of the 19th course of twelve singers into which the temple choir was divided (1Ch 25:26).