LUHITH (lū'hĭth, Heb. lûhîth). A town of Moab located on a slope (Isa.15.5; Jer.48.5).

LUHITH lōō’ hĭth (הַלּוּחִ֗ית). A city of Moab, associated with Horonaim (Isa 15:5; Jer 48:5). Refugees from ruined Moab are described as fleeing to Zoar by the ascent of Luhith and in the way of Horonaim. Luhith may therefore have been on a hill. Eusebius placed Luhith between Areopolis (i.e. Rabbathmoab) and Zoar. Neither Luhith nor Horonaim can be identified with certainty.