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Lobegott Friedrich Konstantin von Tischendorf

1815- 1874. German Protestant theologian and textual critic. He studied at Leipzig, where he came under the influence of J.G.B. Winer,* the grammarian, who led him to combine a careful concern for Greek philology with a love for the sacred text. Though he was professor in the theological faculty at Leipzig for many years, he devoted himself to textual criticism and spent the greatest part of his time in the libraries of Europe and the Near East searching out unpublished ancient manuscripts. During his lifetime he published more manuscripts and critical editions of the Greek NT than any other scholar. His most famous discovery was the Codex Sinaiticus at St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, which he visited several times. Other important manuscripts which he edited include Codex Ephraemi rescriptus (1843-45), Codex Amiatinus (1850), and Codex Claromontanus (1852). His critical edition of the Greek Testament, the famous editio octava critica maior (2 vols., 1869- 72), with its enormous critical apparatus, remains a basic reference tool for the NT scholar.