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Lilies of the Field

LILIES OF THE FIELD (κρίνον, G3211). Matthew 6:28 says: “Consider the lilies of the field...,” and then goes on to continue to say in v. 30 “the grass...which today is alive and tomorrow is cast into the oven.” (See Grass.)

The fact that the plant was to be made into hay, i.e. the reference to the oven, makes the writer believe that the lily referred to was the Camomile, Anthemis palaestina, which has thin, scented leaves, and bears small white daisies. This plant is common in Pal., and can be cut and dried as for hay. It is in flower at the time of hay-making, and would prob., therefore, have been growing around the feet of our Lord at the time He spoke.

He was undoubtedly referring to some wild flower, and not to a tall lily.