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Liberian Catalogue

A list of Roman bishops from Peter down to Liberius (352-66), one part in a collection of documents made by a compiler known as the Chronographer of a.d. 354.* the name given by T. Mommsen in his studies. Probably the earliest version of the Liber pontificalis,* it contains two sections: (a) dating the pontificates from Peter to 231 (Pontianus 230-35) based on authentic but faulty traditions as with a list in the Chronicle of Hippolytus; (b) the period 231-352 which seems to evidence official documentation. The twenty-five years given Peter's reign is substantiated in their chronicle by Eusebius and Jerome. Probably prepared in 336 under Pope Mark before its publication later, the Liberian Catalogue was first edited by the Jesuit, A. Bucherius, at Antwerp (1636), and is sometimes called the Bucerian Catalogue.