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Land of Seir, Mount Seir

Esau made his home in Mount Seir, and his descendants dispossessed the Horites (Deut.2.12; Josh.24.4), the original inhabitants (Gen.14.6). A remnant of the Amalekites took refuge in these mountain strongholds, but they were finally destroyed by the Simeonites (1Chr.4.42-1Chr.4.43). The term Seir is also used collectively for the people who lived in Mount Seir (Ezek.25.8).

2. Another region called Seir is a ridge on the border of the territory of Judah west of Kiriath Jearim (Josh.15.10), generally identified with the rocky point on which the village of Saris stands, SW of Kiriath Jearim.——JBG