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LACE. In the Bible this word does not have the modern Eng. meaning of a delicate ornamental fabric, but is used in the old Eng. sense of a band or cord (Exod 28:28, 37; 39:21, 31). In Ecclesiasticus 6:30 the KJV has LACE, while the ASV has RIBAND, and the RSV has CORD.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

In modern English the noun "lace" usually denotes a delicate ornamental fabric, but in the word in the sense of "that which binds" is still in perfectly good use, especially in such combinations as "shoelace" etc. It is this latter significance that is found in Ex 28:28 ("They shall bind .... with a lace of blue"); 28:37; 39:21,31, and in Sirach 6:30 the King James Version, klosma (the Revised Version (British and American) "riband").