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KIRIATHAIM (kĭr'ĭ-a-thā'ĭm, Heb. means double city)

KIRIATHAIM kĭr’ ĭ ə thā’ əm (קִרְיָתָֽיִם, double city?). The name of two cities mentioned in the OT. It also is spelled Kirjathaim in several places by KJV. 1. A city built by the descendants of Reuben in their territory (Num 32:37; Josh 13:19). Later it fell into the hands of Moab and was condemned to judgment by God (Jer 48:1, 23). Cf. Ezekiel 25:9. It is located in the area of el-Qereiyat about nine m. E of the Dead Sea and the same distance N of the Arnon River.

2. A Levitical city of the tribe of Naphtali (1 Chron 6:76). It is the site Khirbet el-Quyeiyeh and also is called Kartan.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(qiryathaym, "two cities"; the King James Version, Kirjathaim):

(1) A city in the uplands of Moab formerly held by Sihon, and given by Moses to Reuben, who is said to have fortified it (Nu 32:37; Jos 13:19). It is named along with Elealeh and Nebo in the former passage, and with Sibmah in the latter. It was in the hands of Moab in Mesha’s time, and he claims to have fortified it (M S, l.10). For Jeremiah (48:1,23) and Ezekiel (25:9) it is a Moabite town. Eusebius, Onomasticon, identifies it with Coraitha, a Christian village 10 Roman miles West of Madeba. This is the modern Qaraiyat, about 11 miles West of Madeba, and 5 miles East of Macherus. This, however, may represent Kerioth, while the towns with which it is named would lead us to look for Kiriathaim to the North of Wady Zerqa Ma`in. From this city was named Shaveh-kiriathaim, "the plain of Kiriathaim" (Ge 14:5).

(2) A city in the territory of Naphtali, assigned to the Gershonite Levites (1Ch 6:76), corresponding to "Kartan" in Jos 21:32.