Kir Hareseth

KIR HARESETH (kĭr hăr'e*ch-sĕth). El-Kerak, east of the southern part of the Dead Sea. The name appears in various forms. It was formerly thought to mean “City of the Sun” but now is interpreted as “New City.” It was the capital of Moab when Joram king of Israel made war on Mesha king of Moab (2Kgs.3.4-2Kgs.3.25) and devastated the country except for this city, which he besieged. When Mesha offered his son as a sacrifice on the wall, the siege was raised (2Kgs.3.26-2Kgs.3.27). Its later destruction is a subject for serious lamentation (Isa.15.1; Isa.16.7, Isa.16.11; Jer.48.31, Jer.48.36).