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KEPHIRAH (kē-fī'ra). A Hivite town that, with Gibeon, gained the protection of the Israelites by deceit (Josh.9.17). It was in the territory of Benjamin (Josh.18.26). Some of its citizens returned after the Exile (Ezra.2.25; Neh.7.29). It is identified with modern Tell Kefireh between Aijalon and Gibeon.

CHEPHIRAH kĭ fī’ rə (כְּפִירָ֔ה). A city of the Gibeonites included in the treaty which they obtained from Israel by stealth (Josh 9:17). They were apparently Hivites (9:7). It was later included in the territory of Benjamin (18:26). Inhabitants of Chephirah were among those who returned from the Exile with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:25; Neh 7:29). The site is modern Khirbet el-Kefîreh, SW of el-Jîb (Gibeon) and almost two m. N of Qiryat el ’Inâb on the Jerusalem to Jaffa road.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(ha-kephirah; Codex Vaticanus, Kapheira (Jos 9); Codex Alexandrinus has Chepheira, Codex Vaticanus has kai Pheira (Jos 18)): One of the cities of the Hivites who by guile made alliance with Israel (Jos 9:17). It was in the lot of Benjamin (Jos 18:26), and was reoccupied after the return from Babylon (Ezr 2:25; Ne 7:29). It is represented by the modern Kefireh, to the Southwest of Gibeon, and North of Karyat el-`Anab. It stands on high ground, with many ancient remains.