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KENAZ (kē'năz, qenaz, hunting)

A grandson of Esau through Eliphaz (Gen.36.11, Gen.36.15). He and others are called “dukes” in KJV under the influence of English titles, and “chiefs” in ASV and NIV, but the Arab title “sheik” would give a truer picture.Father of Othniel (Josh.15.17; Judg.1.13; Judg.3.9-Judg.3.11).A grandson of Caleb through his son Elah (1Chr.4.15), though the Hebrew seems ambiguous here.

KENAZ ke’ năz (קְנַֽז, LXX Κενες, 1 below), Kenizzite, ken’ e zīt (קְּנִזִּ֔י, [KJV Kenezite], LXX Κενεζαιους, 2 below, meaning side, flank).

1. Singular form of the clan name Kenizzite. a. Son of Eliphaz and grandson of Esau (Gen 36:11; 1 Chron 1:36), one of the chieftains of Edom (KJV Dukes) (Gen 36:15, 42; 1 Chron 1:53).

b. Younger brother of Caleb (Judg 1:13) and father of Othniel and Seraiah (Josh 15:17: Judg 3:9, 11; 1 Chron 4:13).

c. Son of Elah and grandson of Caleb (1 Chron 4:15, Heb. lit. “and the sons of Elah and Kenaz,” KJV “...even Kenaz.”)


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ke’-naz, ke’-nez (qenaz "hunting"):

(1) A "duke" of Edom, grandson of Esau (Ge 36:11,15,42; 1Ch 1:36,53).

(2) Father of Othniel (Jos 15:17; Jud 1:13; 3:9,11; 1Ch 4:13).

(3) The unidentified qenaz of 1Ch 4:15, who appears to be a descendant of (2). There is, however, some difficulty with the passage here.