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KENAANAH (kē-nā'a-na)

The father of the false prophet Zedekiah, who slapped Micaiah (1Kgs.22.11, 1Kgs.22.24; 2Chr.18.10, 2Chr.18.23).Son of Bilham of the tribe of Benjamin (1Chr.7.10).

CHENAANAH kĭ nā’ ə nə (כְּנַעֲנָ֖ה). 1. The father of Zedekiah, the false prophet who predicted victory for Ahab at the battle of Ramoth-Gilead (1 Kings 22:11; 2 Chron 18:10; 1 Kings 22:24; 2 Chron 18:23). He appears only as the patronym in Zedekiah’s name.

2. A member of the fourth generation of the tribe of Benjamin (1 Chron 7:10).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The name of two men:

(1) The fourth-named of the seven sons of Bilham, son of Jediael, of the tribe of Benjamin, a leading warrior in the time of David (1Ch 7:10).

(2) Father of the false prophet Zedekiah, who encouraged Ahab against Micaiah (1Ki 22:11,24; 2Ch 18:10,23).