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Keeper, Keepers

KEEPER, KEEPERS. The rendering of a number of Heb. and Gr. words:

1. נָטַר֒, H5757, to keep, watch guard, used in Song of Solomon 8:11, 12 of a keeper of vineyards.

2. נָצַר, H5915, to watch, guard, keep (a vineyard). Job says (27:17) that the house which a wicked man builds is like “a booth which a watchman (KJV keeper) makes,” the reference being to a temporary shelter constructed in a vineyard in which a watchman could look out for thieves during the time of harvest.

3. רֹ֣עֵה, shepherd, herdsman; used in Genesis 4:2 in reference to Abel who was “a keeper of sheep.”

4. שַׂר, H8569, captain, chief; used of the keeper of the prison in which Joseph was kept (Gen 39:21, 22, 23).

6. Νεωκόρος, temple-sweeper. In the NT (RSV) “keeper” appears only in Acts 19:35 (KJV “worshipper”).