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JOTBATHAH, JOTBATH (jôt'ba-tha, jŏt'băth, Heb. yotbāthâh, pleasantness). A place in the Wilderness of Paran in the peninsula of Sinai where Israel camped (Num.33.33-Num.33.34; Deut.10.7). Site unknown. In KJV once Jotbath (Deut.10.7).

JOTBATHAH jŏt’ bə thə (יָטְבָ֔תָה). KJV JOTBATH, jŏt’ băth (Deut 10:7). A stopping place of the Israelites in their forty years of wilderness wanderings (Num 33:33, 34; Deut 10:7). They found it a “land of brooks of water.” It may have been the modern ’Ain Tabah, N of the Gulf of Aqaba.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A desert camp of the Israelites between Hor-hagidgad and Abronah (Nu 33:33,34; De 10:7). It was "a land of brooks of water" (De 10:7). Site is unknown.

See Wanderings of Israel.