Joseph (Disambiguation)

  • The Joseph|eleventh of Jacob’s twelve sons, and the firstborn son of Rachel, who said when he was born, “May the Lord add to me another son,” and therefore called his name Joseph (Gen.30.24).

  • The Joseph, Mary's Husband|husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus (Matt.1.16; Luke.3.23). He was a carpenter (Matt.13.55) living in Nazareth (Luke.2.4).

  • The father of Igal of Issachar, one of the twelve spies (Num.13.7).

  • A son of Asaph and head of a course of musicians in the reign of David (1Chr.25.2, 1Chr.25.9).

  • A son of Bani, who had married a foreign wife and was induced by Ezra to put her away (Ezra.10.42).

  • A priest of the family of Shecaniah in the days of the high priest Joiakim (Neh.12.14).

  • The name of three ancestors of Jesus, according to the KJV (Luke.3.24, Luke.3.26, Luke.3.30); the NIV reads “Josech” in Luke.3.26.

  • One of the brothers of Jesus (Matt.13.55). KJV has “Joses.”

  • A Jew of Arimathea, a place probably to the NW of Jerusalem. He is described as a rich man, a member of the Sanhedrin (Matt.27.57; Mark.15.43), and a righteous man looking for the kingdom of God (Mark.15.43; Luke.23.50). A secret disciple of Jesus because of his fear of the Jews (John.19.38), he did not take part in the resolution of the Sanhedrin to put Jesus to death. After the Crucifixion he secured permission from Pilate to remove the body of Jesus from the cross, and he laid it in his own new tomb (Matt.27.57-Matt.27.60; Luke.23.50-Luke.23.53; John.19.38).

  • A Christian called Barsabbas, or son of Sabas, and surnamed Justus (Acts.1.23). He was one of those who had accompanied Jesus and the apostles from the time of Jesus’ baptism and was one of the two candidates considered by the apostles as a replacement for Judas Iscariot. However, the lot fell to Matthias (Acts.1.21, Acts.1.26).

  • The personal name of Barnabas (Acts.4.36; in kjv “Joses”).