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JEHOIARIB, JOIARIB (jē-hoi'a-rĭb, joi'a-rĭb, Heb. yehôyārîv, Jehovah will contend)

A priest in the days of David who drew first place in the divine service (1Chr.24.7).One of the first priests to return from exile with Zerubbabel (1Chr.9.10).A man Ezra sent back to Babylon to obtain Levites to assist the priests (Ezra.8.16-Ezra.8.17).The son of Zechariah, son of a man of Shiloh but of the tribe of Judah (Neh.11.5).A priest who returned with Zerubbabel (Neh.11.10; Neh.12.6).

JOIARIB joi’ ə rĭb (יוֹיָרִ֥יב, Yahweh contends). 1. One of two teachers whom Ezra used in getting temple servants before the return to Pal. (Ezra 8:16).

2. An ancestor of Maaseiah, a Judahite, who lived in Jerusalem after the Exile (Neh 11:5).

3. See Jehoiarib, which is used alternately with Joiarib.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(yoyaribh, "Yahweh pleads" or "contends"; compare JEHOIARIB):

(1) A "teacher" of Ezra’s time (Ezr 8:16).

(2) A Judahite (Ne 11:5).

(3) In Ne 11:10; 12:6,19 = JEHOIARIB (which see).

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