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John Greenwood

d.1593. English separatist. Educated at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, he became a zealous Puritan and a chaplain in the Essex home of Lord Robert Rich. Moving to London, he associated himself with those who were taking Puritanism to its logical conclusion, and becoming separatists and critics of the idea of the state church. He was arrested in 1586 for holding an illegal conventicle and was examined before Archbishop Whitgift. Other men imprisoned with him were Henry Barrow* and John Penry; with them he composed tracts defending separatism and some of these were printed in Holland. Released in 1592, he formed a church with Francis Johnson; this church later migrated to Holland and was known as the “ancient church.” But Greenwood was arrested in 1592 and charged with Barrow for writing and publishing seditious books. At Tyburn in April 1593 they were hanged.