Johannes Von Staupitz

1460/69-1524. Roman Catholic scholar. Born in Motterwitz, Saxony, he studied at Leipzig and Cologne. He joined the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine and completed his studies at Tübingen (Th.D., 1500). He was prior in Munich and then professor of Bible at the University of Wittenberg. He became vicar-general of the Reformed Congregation of the Hermits of St. Augustine. Staupitz encouraged Martin Luther to study for his doctorate in theology. He tried to modify Luther's position in the first years of the Lutheran movement, but failed. In 1521 he received permission to join the Benedictines in Salzburg. In his theology Staupitz spoke of a covenant between God and man in which God set forth the terms, fulfilled them in Christ, and offered them to the elect unconditionally. He stressed the doctrine of election as central to soteriology. Grace in justification makes God pleasing to man, emphasizing the advent of Christ in grace.