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Johannes Sturm

1507-1589. Protestant educationalist. Born at Schleiden (Sleida), he was educated at a school of the Brethren of the Common Life* and at Louvain University. Joining himself to the French humanists, he lectured on classics at Paris (1530-36). Bucer* influenced him to Protestantism, and he went to Strasbourg, actively furthering the Reformation. Conciliatory in spirit, he sought the reconciliation of all religious parties, including Protestants and Roman Catholics. He reorganized the educational system of Strasbourg, founding the gymnasium on a humanistic model (1538) with himself as rector. An academy followed in 1564. Generally regarded as the greatest educator of the Reformation, he was consulted by Calvin and by Thomas Platter of Basle. His ideas greatly influenced German education-and also the Jesuit educational system. He was expelled from Strasbourg in 1581 for his liberalism and extraconfessional sympathies, but was eventually permitted to return. His many writings include a life of Beatus Rhenanus.