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Johannes Cochlaeus

1479-1552. Roman Catholic controversialist. Born near Nuremberg of peasant origin, he studied there and at Cologne (1504), where he developed a distaste for Scholasticism and a sympathy for Platonism and Renaissance humanism. He became rector of the Latin school of St. Lawrence, Nuremberg. He studied law at Bologna, graduated in scholastic theology at Ferrara (1517), and was ordained at Rome. From 1521 he engaged in bitter controversy with Luther, and in 1525 endeavored to prevent the printing of Tyndale's English NT at Cologne. He was canon at Mainz (1526), Meissen (about 1534), and Breslau (1539), and attended many conferences between Catholics and Protestants. His best-known works were Historiae Hussitarum Libri XII and Commentaria de Actis et Scriptis M. Lutheri, 1517-1546.