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Johann Eberlinn

1470-1533. Reformation preacher and writer. Born at Günsburg-on-the-Danube, he studied at Basle (1490) and Freiburg (1493), and became a Franciscan in Heilsbronn. Thereafter he lived in Tübingen, Ulm, and Freiburg, where he encountered Luther's writings and became a Reformation supporter. Returning to Ulm, he was expelled from his order. He spent a year in Wittenberg, then traveled as an evangelist to Basle, Rheinfelden, Rottenburg, and Ulm. He married, and after some years in Erfurt, and Wertheim (1525-30), he ended his days in Leutershausen, near Ansbach. In 1521 he published a series of fifteen pamphlets, Bundsgennossen, describing a utopian state called Wolfaria, and attacking, inter alia, the Lenten fast, priestly celibacy, and friars. He also sought to foster radical school changes. The extremities of some radicals and the moral laxity of some German Protestants led him to moderate his views in later writings. As a relaxation he translated into German Tacitus's Germania.