JOBAB (jō'băb, Heb. yôvāv, to call loudly, howl)

An Arabian tribe descended from Joktan (Gen.10.29; 1Chr.1.23).The second king of Edom. He was the son of Zerah of Bozrah (Gen.36.33; 1Chr.1.44-1Chr.1.45).A king of Madon. He joined the northern confederacy against Joshua, but he and his allies were thoroughly defeated at the waters of Merom (Josh.11.1; Josh.12.19).A Benjamite (1Chr.8.9).A Benjamite (1Chr.8.18).

JOBAB jō’ băb (יוֹבָ֑ב). 1. A son of Joktan, and the name of an Arabian family group (Gen 10:29; 1 Chron 1:23). Scholars are not agreed regarding the location of the tribe.

2. The second king of Edom; he came from Bozrah (Gen 36:33; 1 Chron 1:44).

3. A king of the town of Madon, somewhere in N Pal. Joshua defeated him (Josh 11:1; 12:19).

4. A Benjaminite, son of Shaharaim (1 Chron 8:9).

5. A Benjaminite, son of Elpaal (1 Chron 8:18).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(yobhabh, perhaps "howling"; Iobab):

(1) "Son" of Joktan (Ge 10:29; 1Ch 1:23).

See [[Table of Nations]].

(2) An Edomite king (Ge 36:33,14; 1Ch 1:44,45).

(3) King of Madon (Jos 11:1).

(4) 1Ch 8:9; and (5) 1Ch 8:18, Benjamites.

The name is confused with that of Job in Septuagint of Job 42:17.