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JEREMOTH (jĕr'ē-mŏth, Heb. yerēmoth, swollen, thick)

A Benjamite of the family of Beker (1Chr.7.8).Another Benjamite (1Chr.8.14).A Levite, family of Merari, house of Mushi (1Chr.23.23). His name appears in 1Chr.24.30 as Jerimoth.Three men by this name who consented to put away their foreign wives in the time of Ezra (Ezra.10.26-Ezra.10.27, Ezra.10.29).

JEREMOTH jĕr’ ə mŏth (יְרֵמֹ֣ות, possibly tall, swollen, or thick, KJV JERIMOTH, jĕr’ i mŏth [1 Chron 7:8; 27:19]; RAMOTH, rā’ mŏth [Ezra 10:29]). 1. Two Benjaminites (1 Chron 7:8; 8:14); the latter may be identified with the Jeroham of 1 Chronicles 8:27.

2. Two Levites: one descended from Merari (1 Chron 23:23, to be identified with Jerimoth in 24:30); one descended from Heman (1 Chron 25:22; cf. v. 4, where the name appears as Jerimoth).

3. A chief officer of the tribe of Naphtali during the reign of David (1 Chron 27:19, where the MT has יְרִימֹ֖ות properly rendered “Jerimoth” by KJV).

4. Three members of priestly families who were listed by a committee appointed by Ezra as having married foreign women (Ezra 10:26, 27, 29). All those named agreed to the demand to put away their wives and children and to offer a guilt offering (10:19, 44).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(a) yeremoth and

(b) yeremowth,

(c) yerimowth, meaning unknown:

Of the following (1) has form (b), (5) the form (c), the rest (a).

(1) In 1Ch 7:8 (the King James Version "Jerimoth"), and

(2) In 1Ch 8:14, Benjamites. Compare JEROHAM, (2).

(3) In 1Ch 23:23, and (4) in 1Ch 25:22 = "Jerimoth," 24:30; heads of Levitical houses.

(5) A Naphtalite, one of David’s tribal princes (1Ch 27:19); the King James Version "Jerimoth."

(6) (7) (8) Men who had married foreign wives. In Ezr 10:26 (="Hieremoth," 1 Esdras 9:27); Ezr 10:27 (="Jarimoth," 1 Esdras 9:28); Ezr 10:29 (="Hieremoth," 1 Esdras 9:30); the Qere of the last is weramoth, "and Ramoth"; so the Revised Version margin, the King James Version.