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Jehonadab Jonadab

JEHONADAB JONADAB (יְהוֹנָדָב, יוֹנָדָ֨ב, LXX ̓Ιωναδὰβ, The Lord is noble or is liberal or has impelled). By transposition of the two elements the name Nedabiah (1 Chron 3:18) is created. 1. A nephew of King David through his brother Shimeah. Scripture calls him “crafty,” which current parlance might render “tricky.” He was such a character—a well-known type such as attaches himself by means of family connection to great families—who makes intimate knowledge of and promotion of the scandals of famous people a goal of life. He used his relation to an heir of David’s throne to promote that lustful person’s (Amnon’s) incest with his half-sister (Tamar, daughter of Absalom). The result was rape of Tamar by Amnon and that wanton fool’s murder by Absalom, Tamar’s full brother. Ultimately a civil war and temporary disruption of the kingdom came out of it. The same Jonadab, however, at least for a time, remained intimate with the royal household (2 Sam 13:1-33).

2. A descendant of Rechab (viz. Rechabites) the nomadic tribe from which came Moses’ wife according to 1 Chronicles 2:55.