JEDUTHUN (jĕ-dū'thŭn, Heb. yedhūthûn, praise). A Levite whom, with Heman and others, David set over the service of praise in the tabernacle (1Chr.25.1-1Chr.25.3). They with their children were to give thanks and sing, with harps and cymbals accompanying. This Jeduthun must have been an old man in David’s time, for his sons and their sons are mentioned as serving. In 1Chr.25.3 he is credited with six sons, of whom five are named and the sixth was probably Shimei of 1Chr.25.17. Ps.39.1-Ps.39.13 by David is dedicated to Jeduthun and Ps.62.1-Ps.62.12 and Ps.77.1-Ps.77.20 are “after the manner of Jeduthun.”

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