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JEDIAEL (jĕ-dī'ā-ĕl, Heb. yedhī‘ă’ēl, known of God)

A son of Benjamin who became head of a mighty clan (1Chr.7.6, 1Chr.7.11). Since the name does not appear among the three sons named in 1Chr.8.1, it is assumed by some scholars that he and Ashbel are the same. Whether he is the same Jediael who joined David’s forces at Ziklag and helped swell the host that supported him against Saul (1Chr.19.1-1Chr.19.19-1Chr.22.1-1Chr.22.19) is uncertain.Another valiant man in David’s band (1Chr.11.45), probably the same as no. 1.A temple doorkeeper, a descendant of Kore (1Chr.26.1-1Chr.26.2).

JEDIAEL jĭ dī’ əl (ידִֽיעֲאֵ֖ל). 1. The eponym of a Benjamite family (1 Chron 7:6, 10, 11), but it is possible that the family was of Zebulun.

2. One of David’s mighty men (1 Chron 11:45).

3. A Manassite who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chron 12:20) (he may have been the same as 2).

4. A Korahite gatekeeper in David’s reign (1 Chron 26:2).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(yedhi`a’-el, "God makes known" (?)):

(1) A "son" of Benjamin or probably of Zebulun (1Ch 7:6,10,11). See Curtis, Chronicles, 145-49, who suggests emending the name to yachle’el, Jahleel, in agreement with Ge 46:24.

(2) One of David’s mighty men (1Ch 11:45), probably = the Manassite who deserted to David at Ziklag (1Ch 12:20 (Hebrew 21)).

(3) A Korahite doorkeeper in David’s reign (1Ch 26:2).