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JEDAIAH (jĕ-dā'ya, Heb. yedha‘yâh, Jehovah knows). A common name among the descendants of Aaron and Levi. To distinguish among those bearing it is difficult.

1. A descendant of Simeon and the father of a prince (1Chr.4.37-1Chr.4.38).

2. A priest who returned with Zerubbabel and aided in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem (Neh.3.10; Neh.12.6, Neh.12.19).

3. One of the priests whose names were entered in the book of the kings that held the genealogy of the Hebrew captives in Babylon (1Chr.9.1-1Chr.9.10). He received the second lot when the order of temple service was set up (1Chr.24.7). By the time of the return from Babylon his family had grown to be very large (Ezra.2.1, Ezra.2.36; Neh.7.39).

JEDAIAH jĭ da’ yə (יְדָיָ֥ה, God has favored, [A. below], ידַעְיָ֖ה, God has known, [B. below]. LXX shows great variety in its spelling of this name. See below.)

A. Jedaiah (יְדָיָ֥ה). 1. A prince of the tribe of Simeon, ancestor of Ziza, one of the returning exiles (1 Chron 4:37, LXX Ιεδια).

2. One of the repairers of the wall under Nehemiah (Neh 3:10, LXX Ιεδαια).

B. Jedaiah (ידַעְיָ֖ה). 1. Chief of the second division of priests as appointed by David (1 Chron 24:7, LXX Ιδεϊα). Perhaps the ancestor of the 973 returned priests as mentioned in Ezra 2:36 (LXX Ιεδουα) and Nehemiah 7:39 (LXX Ιωδαε).

2. One of the priests returned from exile (1 Chron 9:10, LXX Ιωδαε). The parallel passage (Neh 11:10, LXX Ιαδια) calls the following person on the list, Joarib, Jedaiah’s father. This Jedaiah appears to be mentioned again in Nehemiah 12:6, 19. (These verses do not appear in LXX, but cf. 1 Esd 5:24, Ιεδδου.)

3. Evidently another priest of the same name, since he is referred to in the same lists as 2 (Neh 12:7, 21, LXX Ιεδεϊου).

4. One of three returned exiles of undefined cultic status, bearers of gold and silver from Babylon (Zech 6:10, 14, names do not appear in LXX). The prophet was directed to make a crown as a “reminder” (?) to the three. Identification with 2 or 3 is uncertain.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

je-da’-ya, je-di’-a:

(1) (yedha`yah, "Yah knows"):

(a) A priest in Jerusalem (1Ch 9:10; 24:7).

(b) Ezr 2:36 = Ne 7:39, where "children of Jedaiah" are mentioned = "Jeddu" in 1 Esdras 5:24.

(c) Jedaiah is among "the priests and the Levites" that returned with Zerubbabel (Ne 11:10; 12:6,19).

(d) Another priest of the same name (Ne 12:7,21).

(e) One of the exiles whom Zechariah was commanded to send with silver and gold to Jerusalem. Septuagint does not take the word as a proper name (Zec 6:10,14)

(2) (yedhayah, "Yah throws" (?)):

(a) Father of a Simeonite prince (1Ch 4:37).

(b) One of the repairers of the wall of Jerusalem (Ne 3:10).