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JASHUB, JASHUBITE (jā’shŭb, jā’shŭb-īt, Heb. yāshûv, he returns)

A son of Issachar (Num.26.24). Based on MT, Gen.46.13 has “Job” (kjv, mlb) or “Iob” (nasb, neb, rsv); LXX has “Jashub” (niv).One of those who had married foreign wives (Ezra.10.29).

JASHUB jā’ shəb (יָשׁ֕וּב, he returns). 1. The fourth son of Issachar (Num 26:24; 1 Chron 7:1; called Job in Gen 46:13 [KJV Job]); patronymic JASHUBITES, -īts (Num 26:24).

2. One of those who had married foreign wives and were compelled by Ezra to divorce them (Ezra 10:29; 1 Esd 9:30; KJV, ASV Jasubus).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ja’-shub, jash’-ub (yashubh; yashibh, in Chronicles, but Qere, yashubh, "he returns"):

(1) In Nu 26:24; 1Ch 7:1, a "son" (clan) of Issachar. Ge 46:13 has incorrectly Iob, but Septuagint Jashub.

(2) In Ezr 10:29, one of those who had married foreign wives = "Jasubus" in 1 Esdras 9:30.

(3) In Isa 7:3, part of the name SHEAR-JASHUB (which see).