JARHA. (jar'ha). An Egyptian slave of Sheshan, a Jerahmeelite (1Chr.2.34-1Chr.2.35). Since Sheshan had no son, he gave Jarha his freedom so he could marry one of Sheshan’s daughters. Jewish sources claim him as a proselyte. That Ahlai (1Chr.2.31) was the wife seems probable, though the name is masculine. Another theory is that Ahlai is the name given Jarha when he was set free.

JARHA jär’ hə (יַרְחָֽע). An Egyp. slave of Sheshan, a Jerahmeelite, who married the daughter of his master (1 Chron 2:34, 35).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An Egyptian slave of Shesham, about Eli’s time (compare HPN, 235), who married his master’s daughter, and became the founder of a house of the Jerahmeelites (1Ch 2:34 ).