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James Andreae

1528-1590. Lutheran scholar. Born in Weiblingen, Württemberg, he studied in Stuttgart and Tübingen, and in 1546 became pastor in Stuttgart but was deposed for his refusal to subscribe to the Interim (1548). He then went to Tübingen as pastor. In 1553 he became successively pastor and superintendent at Göttingen. He was appointed professor in 1561 and later chancellor of the University of Tübingen. Between 1567 and 1580 he was adviser to the elector August of Saxony. He participated in many of the religious colloquies of the time, among them the conference with Farel and Beza in 1557. He sided with Joachim Westphal against John Calvin in the controversy regarding the Lord's Supper. Andreae probably prepared the Strasbourg Formula of Concord (1563). Besides his reformatory activities, his work was focused on reconciling the Lutheran factions. With men like John Brenz, Martin Chemnitz, and David Chrytaeus, he belonged to the center party, between the Gnesio-Lutherans and the Philippists. His Six Sermons (1572) treated the points in controversy: original sin, justification and good works, free will, the Lord's Supper, adiaphora, predestination, and the person of Christ. He drafted the Swabian Concordia. He favored the Maulbronn Formula and was responsible in part for the Torgau Book and the Bergic Book, together with Chemnitz and Selneccer. He is the editor of the official German edition of the Book of Concord, published on June 25, 1580. His works run to over 200 titles.