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JAKEH (jā'kĕ, Heb. yāqeh, very religious). The father of Agur, a writer of proverbs (Prov.30.1-Prov.30.27). Nothing is known about either Jakeh or Agur. “Oracle” may mean prediction, burden, or prophecy. The Hebrew word ha-massa is believed to mean the Massaite. “Jakeh the Massaite” would be a natural reading (see footnote on 30:1; cf. Gen.25.14).

JAKEH jā’ kə (יָקֶ֗ה). The father of Augur, the author of the proverbs recorded in Proverbs (30:1). Nothing more is known about either of the men.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The father of Agur, the author of the sayings recorded in Pr 30:1. Nothing is known of either Jakeh or Agur. The immediate connection in the Hebrew text of ha-massa’, "the prophecy" or "burden" (the King James Version "even the prophecy," the Revised Version (British and American) "the oracle") with ne’um, "oracle" (the King James Version "spake," the Revised Version (British and American) "saith") is quite exceptional, while the verse is unintelligible and the text, as the Septuagint shows, is evidently corrupt. The best emendation is that which changes ha-massa’, "the prophecy," into ha-massa’i, "the Massaite," or into mimmassa’, "of Massa" (Revised Version margin), Massa being the name of the country of an Ishmaelite tribe (compare Ge 25:14; 1Ch 1:30; Pr 31:1 the Revised Version margin).

See Agur.