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JAHATH (jā'hăth, Heb. yahath, perhaps God will snatch up)

A grandson of Judah (1Chr.4.1-1Chr.4.2).A great-grandson of Levi (1Chr.6.20, 1Chr.6.43; niv “Jeheth” in 1Chr.6.20).A chief among the Gershonite Levites (1Chr.23.10-1Chr.23.11).Another Levite of the Izharite clan (1Chr.24.22).An overseer of construction during the restoration of the temple under Josiah (2Chr.34.8-2Chr.34.12). He was a Merarite.

JAHATH jā’ hăth (יַ֔חַת, He [God] will snatch up). 1. Son of Reiah, son of Shobal, a descendant of Judah, and father of Ahumai and Lahad (1 Chron 4:2).

2. A great-grandson of Levi (1 Chron 6:20, 43).

3. A son of Shimei (1 Chron 23:10).

4. A Levite; one of the sons of Shelemoth (1 Chron 24:22).

5. A Merarite Levite; an overseer of the workmen who repaired the Temple in the reign of King Josiah (2 Chron 34:12).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(yachath, perhaps for yachteh, yachatheh, "he (God) will snatch up"):

(1) Son of Reaiah, son of Shobal, a descendant of Judah, and father of Ahumai and Lahad, the families of the Zorathites (1Ch 4:2).

(2) A frequent name for a descendant of Levi:

(a) Son of Libni, son of Gershom, the eldest son of Levi (1Ch 6:20,43 (Hebrew 6:5,28), where "son of Libni" is omitted).

(b) Son of Shimei, son of Gershom (1Ch 23:10 f).

(c) One of the "sons" of Shelomoth, a descendant of Izhar, son of Kohath, the second son of Levi (1Ch 24:22).

(d) A descendant of Merari, the third son of Levi, and an overseer in the repairing of the temple in the reign of Josiah (2Ch 34:12).