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Jacob of Sarug

451-521. Bishop of Batnae and Syriac theological writer. Born at Kurtnam on the Euphrates and educated at Edessa (now Urfa), the center of Syriac theology and Bible translation, he became a presbyter. During Persian dominance of his country he achieved fame for his care of his people. In 519 he became bishop of Batnae, the main town of Sarug in Osrhoene, but died two years later. He wrote many letters, sermons, funeral orations, hymns, and edifying biographies. He also translated the six Centuria of Evagrius Ponticus. Perhaps his principal work was a long series of metrical homilies (3,300 lines, for example, on the Passion of Christ). Several other works, such as liturgies, were ascribed to him. Some scholars regard him as a Monophysite, but he was considered orthodox by his contemporaries. Many of his writings remain unpublished.